I am the oldest of two girls in my family. I am the Big Sister; traditionally paving the way, but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2006, I felt lost. There was so much information to process and so many things I would need.  I was then blessed with my own 'Big Sister', Jennifer Tom. Throughout my journey with breast cancer treatment she was there telling her story through Positively Pink Packages, gently paving the way for me, letting me know she had already been there and that the items she provided me would bring me comfort, encouragement and some peace of mind.  This came in the form of a bag or a box packed with truly helpful items, resources and informational videos that I could watch with my husband and caregiver.  I was so thankful for Jennifer's Positively Pink Packages, that I eagerly signed up to help her in any way that I could. I wanted to have my hand in a program that would give so much to women facing breast cancer.  Jennifer, you are a blessing to me and are one reason why I stayed positive and focused on getting through treatment. Thank you, Big Sister, for being there for me in my hour of need.  

Donna M. Stensland
Wife, Mother, Teacher, Survivor

My Positively Pink Testimony:

As I journeyed through my treatments I realized that there was not too much to look forward to except counting them down.  I remember one particular treatment though, I believe #2 the clinic presenting me with a pretty package in a white box with a pink ribbon on it and me lighting up saying “how nice”.  Immediately they told me that it was not from them but from the organization “Positively Pink”.  In it was a CD, green tea, a satin pillow case, some gentle cleanser, chap stick, a cap for my head and a booklet with wigs in it.  As much as I did not want to say it out loud I thought to myself “wow they thought of everything”.

It’s organizations like Positively Pink and people like Jennifer Tom that make the difference.  I am proud and glad to be part of the “Positively Pink” cause in whatever way I can.  Maybe, just maybe someday I will be able to bring a smile or some comfort to someone else as they journey through their treatments.

Elaine Sciortino
Breast Cancer Survivor and Volunteer for Positively Pink Packages

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