Positively Pink Packages has developed three separate care packages to meet the different needs of breast cancer patients.

Diagnosis Care Packages
We have developed three different diagnosis care packages. These care packages contain a video, a book, pamphlets, area program and support group information, a writing journal, pocket calendar, and a comfort pillow. These care packages will be provided to all healthcare personnel that are involved with the diagnosis of patients (surgeons, physicians, women centers, ect.)

Women under 50:
*Younger women diagnosed with breast cancer may face higher mortality rates, fertility issues and premature packages

Women over 50:
*Breast cancer becomes more common with increasing age.
*75% of all breast cancers occurs in women age 50 and older.

Male Brest Cancer:
Though far less common than in women, it is possible for men to develop breast cancer.
Male breast cancers account for approximately 1% of all breast cancer cases.

Chemotherapy Care Packages
This care package contains a video, information about chemotherapy, tools to cope with the side effects, and comfort aids; such as satin pillowcase, herbal tea, non-irritating cleanser, head turban and mints. This care package will be provided to all oncologists in Onondaga County.

Radiation Care Packages
This care package contains a video, information about radiation therapy, non-irritating cleanser, and products that are designed exclusively for a patient undergoing radiation therapy (non-metallic deodorant, skincare lotion). This care package is still in the beginning stages and is currently being provided to Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY and RISE, Inc.. 

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