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“I Have Been Recently Diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  How do I get a package?”

We have three types of care packages.  Which package is right for you?

Diagnosis Care Packages: Our signature care package is a toile patterned jute/ canvas bag with round wooden handles.  Everyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer should receive this package from their surgical office. 

Chemotherapy Care Package: If you are undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, your oncology office should give you a chemotherapy care package.  If they did not, you may also go to Rose & Company Hair Design to pick one up.  They are located at 6900 Highbridge Road (Lyndon Corners) in Fayetteville.  For hours, their number is (315) 449-0404. 

Rose and Company Hair Design

Radiation Care Package:  If you are undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer, your radiation office should give you a radiation care package.

While we deliver the care packages directly to each surgical, oncology and radiation office in Cayuga, Onondaga and Madison County, we will also send one directly to someone if they did not receive one from their doctor. 

Please call us at 315-278-0645 if you did not receive your package!


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